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Complete Backup Integration

You never have to worry about Backups again. Really. They are handled automatically by an extremely advanced yet lightweight application that is a built-in standard feature of our Core-SS service.

Industry Superior Backup Features

  • DR – Disaster Recovery means we can completely restore every server, workstation, and router in your office to exactly the way it was yesterday with minimal effort
  • Versioning – Any file can be restored to any daily state it was in, back in time within the last 15 days
  • Off-Site – Enjoy the confidence and security only off-site Backups can offer sent through our secure VPNs
  • Notification – You'll get an email everyday giving you tangible evidence & peace of mind that your Backup was successful
  • Reverse Delta – Only the pieces of a file that have changed are sent to our servers, thus saving bandwidth
  • Backups Of Backups – Ah yes, an official Backup solution requires this to be done. So we do it
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Data Loss Equals Failure?

No doubt you can find some scary stories about businesses closing simply because a hard disk failed. There seems to be some debate about the percentages, but I do know how it would affect us. It is also hard to imagine any business surviving after a crucial data loss event.

So instead we ask you; Could your business survive if all of your equipment was destroyed or stolen?