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OS as a Service

A true 'Operating System as a Service' where all workstations in your office are diskless (no hard drive), have zero data stored on them, but instead download the entire OS from our server.

Superior VDI

Unlike a traditional Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, our system is able to spread computing load across the network to all of your workstations as opposed to requiring a massive expensive server to carry it alone while workstations sit idle. Our server controls the clients and creates a network computing fabric for better performance, a much less expensive server, while retaining all the benefits of centralized VDI.

Truly One Of A Kind

To our knowledge we are the only provider offering a product like this. It is NOT a web browser OS, a thin client, or LTSP (which doesn't work with central user authentication and hasn't been updated in years). We put together a customized full OS image and configure your workstations to download and boot from it.

Enterprise Features

  • Persistent Settings – All user settings are saved and loaded at startup. So even though your workstation just got a new OS, it appears the way it was the last time you shut down
  • Diskless – No hard drives means a lower electricity bill plus an average of $150 saved per workstation on equipment. Hard drives consume a majority of the energy a computer requires and need replacing every few years
  • Centralized Data – All user's files appear to be directly on their computer. However, they are actually stored centrally on our server which is secured and completely Backed Up
  • Hardware Agnostic – If a user's computer fails, simply replace it. No re-installing anything, just turn it on & go
  • Roaming Profiles – No matter where your users login, their custom profile with all of their settings and files are loaded and applied
  • Distributed CPU – Again, our OSaaS is NOT a thin-client which does all application processing on the server. Processing is still done on the local workstation so your user experience is fast and your server is inexpensive
  • Internet Independent – Although technically a cloud service, our OSaaS is cached on-site. This means your workstations stay up even when the internet goes down
  • Streamlined Environment – All operating systems and software are the same for all users, but custom settings and permissions are not. This provides a single learning curve for everyone in your organization


Virus & Corruption Proof

Every time you start a workstation it downloads a brand new OS. If a user manages to get a virus or software corruption ruins the OS; simply restart the workstation and it'll get a brand new one.. Seriously.


Zero-Effort Remote Support

Zero-Effort Remote Support

Our system has remote support built in. If you run into an issue that needs us to take a closer look, all you have to do is ask. You don't have to login to a certain website, start any programs, or Email a support code to us, etc. Just give us permission to login and we'll be able to view your screen so you can show us exactly what is wrong.