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Your Security Is A Priority To Us

Our Core-SS service has industry standard security measures built in to protect yours and your customer's data by employing military grade AES encryption and VPNs.

Securing Your Business Network

  • Content Filtering – Stop users from being able to access social media or inappropriate areas of the internet etc.
  • Firewall – Strict firewall policies are used on every server, workstation, and router by default
  • Monitoring – Native bandwidth monitoring reveals who is abusing your internet connection and slowing your network down
  • IPsec VPN – Encrypted tunnels used to connect all your locations together and to both of our redundant data centers
  • Syslog – Network event logs are saved in real time as required by PCI and HIPAA to provide details of any wrong doing

Open Source Security

More than 90% of viruses and malware are written to attack Microsoft products. We mostly use Open Source software so not only are our systems a much smaller target for malware, but Open Source Software is peer reviewed by a very large community of developers around the world.


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Absolute Privacy

Our systems are immune to Google's data mining, the NSA's illegal spying, and Microsoft's secret calls home.